i’m still trying to get there

by gilda rêvasseur on May 9, 2007

denim warrior
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i was organising photos in my computer and looking through some of my sketches, and some of the clothes that i have made.

well, those i had photos of anyway.

and 2 years worth of my fashion-student life just whirled on right by me.

hmm, no it wasn’t that colorful. but fun though. loads of it.

but for someone who had never had proper training before entering fashion college, in neither designing, drawing nor sewing, i’d say i’ve come pretty far.

2 years ago if you asked me to draw a girl in a dress, i would have drawn a stick figure with a triangle on her body.

pretty sad huh.

so you can imagine how pleased i am, not because i’m good (because i’m not) but because i’m learning and i’m happy.

some of these pictures here, amongst others, were submitted in my online portfolio for parsons. i think they were looking more for someone who could really draw. you know, the fine arts kind.

but thank god these made it for me.
as childish as they look.

take the plunge and view the rest?

ps: i have never ever shown my work much before, so if you have any comments, good and bad, please let me know. i would really appreciate it.

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