what i love about me

by gilda rêvasseur on June 29, 2008

have you ever read the headlines of a magazine or online site that said “how to achieve a flawless face in 5 minutes”, or “learn how to cover those zits like an expert”?

have you, like i have, exclaimed, “ooh yes i need to know how!” then flipped the pages in glee, only to be greeted by a model, printed on glossy pages, staring right back at you, with a face that is already flawless? she either already has perfect skin or has been perfectly doctored by photoshop. and oh let’s not forget the pro cameraman and award-winning make up artist who did the shoot. basically, the model with her perfect skin, can always do a 5-minute face because all she really needs is lip gloss. and the apparent “zit” that they show you how to cover, never looks like it even existed anyway.

then there are magazines and blogs that tell you to be fabulous. and yes, we all do want to be fabulous! i know i do. and don’t lie! you do too! you want to be fabulous and fierce. even fiercer than all the drag queens out there put together.

but is it just me, or is 99.99999999% of those “always so positive” magazines and fashion blogs out there, owned and run by people who 1) have great skin, 2) have pretty eyes, 3) are skinny, and 4) have already been blessed with all of the above and more?

damn right they’d better be fabulous. if god has blessed them with all that, and they still look and behave like crap, then what do the rest of us have to look forward to?

i’m an average asian girl. i’m short, like 160cm or just about 5 feet 3. and i’m stubby. always ways, always will be, and honestly, getting pudgier by the day. i was 3800g at birth. i’ve never had a baby before but i’m told that that’s a fat-ass baby to be carrying around (sorry mom). i used to be fit and ate whatever i wanted when i played competitive sports. then i stopped playing and continued eating and gained only about 10kg (20 lbs??).

i can’t do anything about my height. i mean, sure i’ve always wanted to be supermodel-tall, but i’m not about to try one of those crazy bone-breaking, height-growing operations. and my weight, yeah it’s my own fault i grew sideways instead of up, and i recently started exercising again.

but what about other things that i can’t change? skin, for example. i’ve talked about my skin problems a few times before. i don’t think about it all the time now. but i used to have pretty clear skin, and then boom! one day right after senior prom (phew! at least god gave me till prom, ok??) the major acne devil decided that i was to be his next victim. i’m not even kidding. it was really, really bad. i got my make-up for prom done at this quack place, and i remember thinking that those make-up brushes looked really dirty and dodgy. i broke out bad the next day, but i thought maybe it was some weird hormonal thing. but the break outs never stopped from then on, and for a year i had full-blown acne.

i make it sound like full-blown aids and although it wasn’t life-threatening, i certainly felt like dying. it took away a lot of my confidence. those 2 years of my life were my darkest and saddest. i was going through a rough patch where really, nothing was going right at all. my family was breaking apart (and i can’t go into that at the moment because it’ll just make me cry). one of my dogs, misty had died and i missed her terribly and blamed myself for her death. and then there was acne.

it wasn’t a bad day where i could just stay in bed and go to sleep, and tomorrow would be a better day, no. my tomorrows were just as bad, and the days after that were even worse. there were days after days when my entire family would just be arguing and having the biggest fight, and i’d be crying my head off. and i’d go to my room and see myself in the mirror, and cry even more.

i didn’t recognise who it was, staring back at me. “this isn’t me,” i thought. i never used to cry like this. i was always happy. i had the ability to find ways to make myself happy, to laugh, to make other people laugh, and i had the loudest laugh of all. i never used to cry over anything. it wasn’t just an emotional and mental stranger looking back at me in the mirror. physically, i didn’t recognise myself either. my entire face was filled with bright red bumps. i got so angry with this stranger, i remember taking some scissors one day, and i scratched into my closet, right next to my mirror, the words “i hate you.

“you”, were many things. it was life, it was god, it was the acne, it was the problems plaguing my family, it was the tears, it was the anguish, it was the anger, pain, and hurt.

and it was me.

i had so many highs in my life before all that happened. i thought i was the luckiest girl because my family had always been really close. and family to me, is really the most important thing. my parents loved me, and although i never said it (i’m too proud), i loved them all dearly. i was doing well at school, and i might be blowing my own trumpet but because i’m so funny and contagious (AHAHAHA whatever), i was quite popular enough. i was the class chairman a few times, class monitor, and also captain of my school and club’s hockey team. and can i just mention that i captained the school team to win the national gold medal after a 16-year drought?? we were the less experienced underdogs who played in the finals with a team that was filled with national players. no one expected us to win, and we even lost to that same team in the preliminary rounds. but we fought hard, and trained harder than anyone we knew. and most of all, we believed in ourselves, and we believed in each other. we had utter faith. and we won 2-0.

it was my proudest moment. and it still is. we worked so hard for it. and i was so proud.

everything fell downhill after that. and it took a long, long time for me to get back on my feet again. it was a high mountain to climb. there were times when i really wanted to die, and i think if i wasn’t such a chicken, i might have already killed myself by now. but yet, part of me didn’t want to die. there were so many more things in life i wanted to experience. there were so much better things i knew i was destined for, if only i could somehow get through all the pain. maybe if i really did kill myself, i would have really been a chicken. if i had died, i would have taken the easy way out.

in a way, maybe hockey trained me and toughened me up more than i ever realized. it was a slow and painful recovery, but slowly and surely, my old self returned. i was able to laugh again, and to make people laugh again. the emotional scars in my heart from my family problems formed some serious scar tissue, but i know that we do love each other and perhaps that was all that mattered. the scars on my face, well, i still see them. but i have learnt to live with them, red and bumpy and all.

well, i figured, when i laugh i make weird faces and throw my head back anyway, so who’s gonna be able to see those scars, right?

i try to be positive about everything. about feeling good about myself. that was one of my reasons for starting freebird. for a lot of us, yours truly included, our blogs are a venue for thought and emotions. they are our voices. for me, it is also a place where i can review and reflect on things that are happening in my life.

our lives aren’t happy everyday. i mean, it’s hard to be positive all the time. don’t you agree? we all have our off days. we all have days where nothing seems to be going right. when we wanna just bitch at it and sulk and hope that someone will cheer us up. there are a lot of positivity blogs out there. blogs that scream “you can do it!!” blah blah blah. and yes, that chirpy “i beh-leeve in mah-self!” part of me is alive and kicking strongly most days. and i do believe in myself. very much. but i also want to keep freebird real.

because i live in the real world, not in some fantasy land, although i’d like to think i do. although i’ve come to terms with myself and have grown to love myself just the way i am, i can’t help but feel shitty when i wake up in the mornings and wash my face, and see those bumps again. yes, ladies and gentlemen, the acne is slowly but surely, creeping back after a 5 year hiatus.

to be 100% honest, i’m really starting to panic about it. i’m not a teenager anymore. i don’t want pimply teenage skin. it’s upsetting. it doesn’t cross my mind at all during the day, when i’m at work doing what i love. but in between all that, there are brief moments when i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and i sigh.

so what’s the purpose of this post? i’m just trying to tell my story. i’m telling it to you. and i’m telling it to me. i’m telling myself that i’ve been through this crap before and i got out of it. i’m telling myself that there might be things that i hate about myself, but there are plenty more things about myself that i love.

this is a personal project for me. something i thought i would start, after getting a idea about it after flipping through a marie claire magazine that had a section called “what i love about me“. which i thought was a great idea, but i wanted to tweak it a little. it was all things that people loved about themselves, but most were surface or aesthetic views. while that was great too, i wanted my own project to include something more. something on a deeper level.

and while i wanted to write about it, i also wanted to take a picture of myself making that statement. because by putting it down in writing, and also taking a shot of myself with that statement, i feel it gives me a much stronger visual memory about what i do love about myself.

once a week on the weekend, or whenever i am feeling shitty, i am going to write a new statement about myself that i love. and then i want to look back at all these statements and remind myself, that i don’t have to be upset. i simply don’t have to. because there are things about me that i am very proud of.

what about you? i know you must have days when you’re not feeling particularly great either. what are the things you love about yourself? would you make a statement too, and take a picture of yourself making that statement? i honestly think this is going to work. and i’m going to continue with this. maybe we can all do this together. :)

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cuileann June 29, 2008 at 1:58 am

:but is it just me, or is 99.99999999% of those “always so positive” magazines and fashion blogs out there, owned and run by people who 1) have great skin, 2) have pretty eyes, 3) are skinny, and 4) have already been blessed with all of the above and more?

damn right they’d better be fabulous. if god has blessed them with all that, and they still look and behave like crap, then what do the rest of us have to look forward to?:

Heheh. You’re dead right. I like this post and this idea a lot.


Clare June 29, 2008 at 2:18 am

I like the post & idea, too, so sure, I’ll participate. (only my camera’s broken… oops!)

but here is my statement:
I’m genuinely interested in learning new things. I love this about myself, because it keeps life refreshing & interesting. A lot of other people have this quality too… it’s definitely pretty common, but I think that makes it even better, because we can all help teach eachother.


Leanne June 29, 2008 at 7:03 am

gilda, that is a wonderful idea~
i’m actually going through a rough patch at the moment. it’s actually been going since decemeber last year and like you there was an event which sparked it and things fell apart as the days progressed. i am slowly getting better but every 2nd day i go on a real low, lower than most people know. i think this project of yours is a fantastic idea. unfortunately i’ve kind of lost my enjoyment to take photos of myself these past few months.. but this may help. someone once told me to write a list of what i liked about me and i couldn’t and i remember crying. i struggle with it still, but it would be nice to do it with other people.


Lesley Denford June 29, 2008 at 9:14 am

Gilda, I totally feel your pain about acne. It does so much to your self-esteem (especially when compounded with other factors in your life). I always thought that once I hit 19 or 20 I would grow out of it, but I’m nearly 25 and I still struggle with my skin constantly. Thank you so much for writing this and sharing your story. And those 4 teeny pics of you making goofy faces? Love ‘em. You’re freakin’ adorable, girl!

PS. I love your handwriting in the last couple photos. So pretty! :)


melly June 29, 2008 at 9:28 am

Yknow i had my majorshiteass breakout right after sec 4 too. And man, this entry totally speaks right to me. Some days i still hate my scars and i keep thinking of putting clay to fill it in and paint over it, haha just like when contractors patch walls.

You have so many reasons to be proud of yourself :} The hockey part i can vouch for you!


Casey-Scott June 29, 2008 at 10:13 am

You know what, Gilda? Thank you for being so open – I really admire how willing you are to share yourself and how open you are about your emotions on here. It sounds like you’ve had a rough ride, but it’s fabulous to know that you’ve come flying out the other end towards achieving your dreams. That’s real inspiration.

What do I love about me? I feel like I’m finally grasping the fact that the only person I have to do proud is myself, and that’s a brilliant feeling. I trust myself enough to achieve what I want to achieve, and to become the person that I envisage, without having to rely on anybody else. I used to be a really self-conscious person now, but I’m comfortable enough to sit in a cafe by myself now; or go shopping by myself. I love that.


Ashe Mischief June 29, 2008 at 11:22 am

Gilda, what an inspiring and delightful post! I love how open you are with us, how confident you are about the good times & bad, and how you’re so inspiring without being overly optimistic.

And I’ll totally take your challenge; on those days when something upsets me about myself, I will post something beautiful and lovely in my blog.


Elle June 29, 2008 at 1:06 pm

maybe your acne re-surfaced because you changed continents? it happens often. maybe the American soil is so different that it makes your system react in a weird way. It happened to me when I came back from the US. I had no problem over there, and here I got them ALL back (which is just PEACHY)
I’m going to see a homeopathy doctor and see what I need to do. I’ll let you know if it’s worth the visit.

Also, let me congratulate you and wish you good luck! it takes a serious amount of courage to say these things and accept yourself and love yourself just the way you are.

it’s so easy to say bad stuff about yourself, but when you get to the good parts you’re out of words. I always get stuck during interviews when I have to say good things about myself. it feels weird and I am so embarrassed about it (maybe it’s why I haven’t gotten a lot of jobs/internships lately).

I hope one day I will be able to take a picture and make a statement on what I like about myself.

lots o’ love


enc June 29, 2008 at 1:23 pm

I think we all have days we don’t feel particularly great. When I have those, I look forward to tomorrow, and take good care of myself.

Most of those photos in magazines have been manipulated to a fare-thee-well. You’re right to point that out, and I hope you’ll remember it as best you can when you see them. Models have cellulite and acne too.


Julie June 29, 2008 at 1:42 pm

Hey Gilda!

my friend Mario is in New York and I told him to go by the Pat Field store, so if a Mexican boy asks for you it’s because I told him to.

Kisses from spain,



The Seeker June 29, 2008 at 2:10 pm

Thank you for commenting in my blog :)

It’s great you did this post, that’s not an easy issue to talk about.



gilda June 29, 2008 at 3:23 pm

hee hee. thanks! i’m glad this idea reached a few people. i think it will help me, and anyone else who gives it a shot.

you know, after taking 3 days (!!) to write this post, i wrote my statement down on paper and i felt better right after that. maybe instead of just typing it and even if we weren’t going to put up pictures of ourselves, writing it down somewhere would be a good idea since our brain definitely remembers more written than typed things. but, i love that quality about you!! and i think that’s a great one to have. a lot of people have that in them, but a lot of people don’t. many people don’t like new things and they don’t give it a chance. but if you are always willing to learn, life will never be boring, as you put it. and then who knows, a bad thing can become great!

oh, i’m really sorry that you’ve been feelin down. thank you for sharing it with me. i think sitting down and trying to write a whole list at a go is really hard. as humans we all hate a whole long list of things about ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard for some of us to list things we actually like. that’s why i thought it would be good to just write one good thing at a time. a whole list is hard. but surely there must be ONE thing you can think of at any time! :) i really hope this might help you too. and even if you don’t take a picture of yourself, i think actually writing it down on a piece of paper (and keeping it) would do wonders. take care!! *hug*

i know, right!??! i don’t want to have to think about zits when i’m like 30!! it does a lot of shit to self-confidence and i need all the self-confidence i can get. ugh. aww, i love your handwriting too honey. :)

AHAHAHHA i know!!! like in the 18th century or whenever, women used to make papier mache masks!! i should make a pretty one and hide behind it when i feel crappy. there are fillers and stuff that derms do, but i’ve already spent some of my parents’ money visiting derms. and it’s pointless for me to do all that “filling” when i’m still getting new bumps. pisses me off.

that’s such a great thing about yourself!! i think you’re so right… i always worry about having to please others. i’m sacrifice my own time and energy just so others might be happy. and i always worry about making my parents proud. and perhaps the only one we really need to satisfy, is ourselves!! i’ve always loved shopping by myself… mainly because i have such different fashion tastes from others and i’m very very fast in making decisions, so i don’t want anyone being there to slow me down and say things like,”are you sure you’re going to get that?” etc. i don’t want someone else’s opinion. :) but i’e recently started loving going to lunch with myself too, and just people-watch. or read a book. i think this is when we really start becoming adults. ;)

+ashe mischief+
oh you make me sound better than i am haha. but yes, i took a while to write this blog post, but i felt better right after i posted it. it’s weight off the shoulders and i think that’s all we need!! less stress, more things to be happy about! try it next time:)

(sorry i laughed when you said PEACHY even though i shouldn’t be laughing!!) but you’re right… maybe it’s the stress from moving continents, the stress from parsons (i mean that school is crazy), and from making new friends and moving apartments. maybe it all added up and my skin said, “i’m not taking more crap from you, missy!” homeopathy!! i didn’t think of that but definitely let me know how it goes!! i hope that works for you. i get stuck when people ask me that in interviews too. so i usually think of some beforehand:) i know what you mean about being embarrassed. i don’t like praising myself too often especially when it’s in a “serious” mood. i hope you make a statement soon!! :)

wow, that’s so strong of you. usually i just want to bury myself in a garden somewhere. i should really know better because i have worked in an advertising firm before with the best of photoshoppers. but still, i can’t help but feel crappy when i see real models or fashion-y people looking amazing and standing next to them i feel like a potato. :) but thanks for reminding me that some of them are real after all!!

when is he coming!! i hope i’m there when he pops by!! have fun in spain you lucky girl!

+the seeker+
thank you… i did take a little longer than usual to write it because it was a hard topic. but i’m glad i did.


Darren June 29, 2008 at 5:19 pm

Such a good idea :) I’m definitely doing it…this week my statement is:
“I know I am constructive and I am not hesitant to finish projects I start: it makes me feel so good to complete small, personal projects.”

And, btw, I don’t know why that excerpt from my blog is on your comments…it’s really awkward : I guess it’s something WordPress does…


Secretista June 29, 2008 at 6:46 pm

Nothing can get rid of pimples in 5 minutes!! NOTHING!!! I know… I’ve tried. I’ve given up and just live with the fact that acne is a part of life. I’ll eventually grow out of it, right?

You work at pat fields?! Awesomeeee. So I’m guessing you dress like you’re goign to party everyday too??

Yeaa welll my internship office might be moving to a different place soon… a place where lots of top magazines are made and we’ll be forced to look like we’re fashion whores day-in-day out. Oh wait, I’m already a fashion whore, ha!


L. June 30, 2008 at 12:06 am

this is such a good idea! i’ve been thinking about doing something similar, but where i write about things that i love about my life. i’ve been through some rough times lately, just one of those times where life decides to throw everything at you at once. and i often feel like my life is so boring and lame. but then when i thought about it some more i realised i’ve done lots of cool and unique things. so i’m going to start listing them down to remind me about it :3


Alberta June 30, 2008 at 3:29 am

What a wonderful idea! In fact, this has been my philosophy about self love for about 20 years now! I had one of those very difficult, painful childhoods, but I made it my life’s goal to be happy as an adult. It’s been working, and I’m nearly 50 now! Happiness really IS a choice. One thing I love about myself is that I make friends easily and KEEP them. You’re a very optimistic, insightful, creative person and I’m glad I met YOU. I want to come back and visit often! Stay in touch…



Lissa June 30, 2008 at 7:46 am

What a brilliant idea! There can never be too much positivity in the world. Have you ever stumbled across iCiNG? Different way of going about the same fabulous work of creating beautiful self image.


Daiane June 30, 2008 at 10:38 am

i just wanted to say thank you for dropping by on my blog. i’ve also been reading yours for some time. i usually don’t comment very much, but i just wanted to tell you how much i admire you and that the way you write is truly inspirational. keep on going, kisses!


Times of Glory June 30, 2008 at 11:42 am

Oh dear, we all have these days… I’m 26 but still have acnes. Sometimes my concealer is not even helping!

I can eat a lot, but instead of putting weight on my body, they will REALLY show on my face – that’s out of my control! And I cannot even hide!

You are right, no one is perfect and pictures in the magazine need hours preparation, so Iet’s forget it!

P.S. I always think petite girls are very chic – look at Scarlett Johansson! You are very lovely xx


joy June 30, 2008 at 12:03 pm

gildaaaaaaa! i was so pumped about your comment that it is redonk. my baby blog is growing in content slowly, but surely.

i am 23 and it’s so frustrating to still be dealing with acne. my parents still have a stray zit now and again, so i know i will never be completely free. i try to have a good regimen, but i am a low maintenance gal, so active facial care does not follow with my personality. i’ve always felt like i would take more hygiene responsibility when i got older, but no moves towards that idea yet, haha! but, hey, such is my lot and i gotta shake what i got.


catherine June 30, 2008 at 12:29 pm

I love that section in Marie Claire. It always the first pages I read in every issue!


Allison June 30, 2008 at 1:46 pm

This post really strikes a chord in me. Props to you for writing it! It’s odd that I want to tell you that you were courageous by posting it – but we shouldn’t have to live in a world where courage is required to say how we’re feeling about ourselves!


...loveMaegan June 30, 2008 at 3:36 pm

ugh, I frigging HATE when my face is broken out and about 2 weeks of every month it is (and I’m old -32! – it doesn’t go away like they say). The only make-up that works for me is bare minerals. it’s quick and easy and totally covers up the zits.

*don’t forget about perfect lighting at photo shoots too along with 100% digital touch-ups.


3rdEyeMuse June 30, 2008 at 3:41 pm

I love that a simple thing like a blog party can open doors to so many new people and places. what a great thing you’re doing here – for yourelf & others.

… maybe you don’t have to wait until your down … maybe develop the habit of doing this once a week (plus those times when down) we can develop habits of loving ourselves ALWAYS. just a thought. :)

Looking forward to seeing all the things you love about yourself. ~M~


Caro June 30, 2008 at 5:27 pm

Heya Gilda! Thanks for the comment on my blog :) About Fine dining: do you have your own definition of fine dining and silver service?

Great blog by the way! :)


STYLE DU MONDE June 30, 2008 at 5:51 pm

Hey Gilda!

Thanks so much for commenting. I just found your blog and it’s a really cool one. You are so creative :-)

Keep in touch!

Acielle xx


V June 30, 2008 at 9:31 pm

Hi Gilda, thanks for commenting on my blog ;)

You have a very pretty blog! I’m linking you!


gilda July 1, 2008 at 1:21 am

hey awww you’re so sweet. thanks. and i love that quality of yours, i think it’s a great one to have. i’m trying to get there myself. sometimes i get SO into doing something i run full speed ahead and finish it in no time, and sometimes i really just lost interest after a while, which is no good at all. i really admire that. psst: are the new pictures on your blog taken from your new camera?? i thought long and hard and counted my money and decided to reward myself with a new one soon!!

i know. and i really should know better, since i’m in this industry myself and have worked in advertisement before too. haha at pat fields, yeah i try to dress up!! but i’m not working on the floor so we’re a bit more relaxed in the back office. :) i love the people there though, anytime you want a fashion show they will up the fierce factor! are you talking about the condenast building? haha! yes i have been there before and some people are really dressed to the nines! i’m sure you’ll have no problem.

ohh i hate it when those happens and everything goes bad at once, *hug* you know a lot of my friends say the same thing, and sometimes they ask why my life seems so full of drama when their’s feels boring. trust me i have days (especially recently when it’s to hot to even think) when i just sit at my couch and rot. but then i know how to make the best of everyday. like you said, there are unique things about you too!! play those up and remember them!

oh alberta i love what you said that happiness is a choice!! that is so great and it really is. it takes a lot of courage to find the silver lining in ever dark cloud and to just laugh when you don’t even want to. i think cracking a joke, even if it’s sarcastic, about a very bad day, is enough to make at least one person laugh a little. you’re lucky that you make friends easily. i think it is really a skill because it isn’t as easy as it sounds. i need to work on being less shy! :)

we certainly need more + people. :) and oh yes i have. i’ve met gala a few times since she came to new york and tried to be her listening ear when people were being real bitches on her blog recently ;) she’s cute.

ooh thank you!!! i’m so honored. you made me sound so much better of a writer than i think i am since honestly, blogging is the only sort of writing i’ve done since leaving high school haha! xox

+times of glory+
aww that’s tough… it’s hard to lose weight around the face isn’t it?? i am clueless too. my face is the roundest moon face i know! ;) and you’re so fabulous, your pictures always look effortless and very pretty and sexy! that new shoot you did, in the strawberry fields, i love that!!


Daiane July 1, 2008 at 1:25 am

i’m dropping in again to let you know i’ve added you in my blogroll. i hope that’s ok, kisses!


gilda July 1, 2008 at 1:34 am

hmmm…. to be honest i have NO idea what redonk means, but it sounds pretty fierce. ;) i had to leave a comment because your situation sounded kinda… funny. hee hee! my dad actually has a face-full of acne scars so i know i got it from him, and my siblings don’t have much zits at all so i guess i got all the genes. i don’t like saying anything to him though, coz i know he feels terrible whenever i get upset about my skin condition. ah well. but you’re right. we gotta shake what we’ve got… while we still have it!! :)

isn’t it great?? i usually skip the usual boring “i think i have great eyes” ones ;) but some of them were really inspiring!

well thank you anyway. :) i don’t know if it was courage, i guess it was me living and coming to terms with the fact that this is something i cannot change, and sometimes being honest about it is easier to live with than holding it within.

oh my god tell me about it. two weeks… i totally understand!!! yesterday i thought, “yay! no new bumps today!” (because at LEAST it’s easier to cover up flat marks than red bumps_ then today i woke up with two new ones. it’s so messed up. i need a hormone transplant, if that’s available! and maybe skin drafts. i’ve tried bare minerals… maybe the girl at the counter gave me the wrong color, but i look terrible in it. :( i’m very glad that it works for you though!!

ooooh yes yes!! exactly what i thought!! i thought i’d make myself do this every weekend and whenever i was feeling extra crappy, so that by forcing myself to think positive thoughts, it would start becoming a more natural thing and become a habit too. :) i’m glad you thought of the same idea too. at least i know now it was a good idea to have had. hee hee!

thank you very much!

haha i try to be. some people just label me as different or weird, but i’m glad you thought i was creative!! :)

oh thanks!!! i’m pleased you think it’s pretty. i spent quite a lot of time playing with the graphics!


gilda July 1, 2008 at 1:36 am

that’s so nice of you!! thanks!! xox


Amber CFS July 1, 2008 at 6:07 am

Ooh, I’m late here, but I just wanted to say thank you Gilda – for such an honest, inspiring post! Sometimes it totally difficult to remember those moments of pride and this sounds like a neat way of reminding yourself… I also just want to add you look exceedingly cute in those photos!


Unique Buttons July 1, 2008 at 6:56 am

“Make other people to laugh is a great thing , this is what i love about myself.


joy July 1, 2008 at 10:11 am

“redonk” is short for “redonkulous”! use it!


Lou July 2, 2008 at 10:13 pm

Wonderful of you to share your story Gilda!! I had a mix of psoriasis and eczema for over a year in high school that covered pretty much my entire body. Going to school with huge red scaly sores all over me was painful, and there was no way I was getting into shorts or a bikini! I understand how hard a skin problem can be. And I love your pictures with your statement– you are too cute!


gilda July 2, 2008 at 10:51 pm

+amber cfs+
oh no, thank YOU. it is hard to be honest sometimes… but i guess for me it’s something i do easier when i’m writing instead of talking. maybe it might work for some other people too. those pictures were taken with the very bad resolution camera on my pro macbook. aha!

+unique buttons+
it really is a great thing!! when people laugh, it’s just a big contagious thing. and the ability to make other people laugh is a skill! :)

oh my gosh hahaha that is hilarious!

psoriasis and eczema :( i’m so sorry to hear that, that must have been tough to handle. and certainly sounds really painful. have they healed yet?


Lou July 3, 2008 at 8:57 am

yes actually they are all better and i haven’t had an outbreak in a while =o). but having any type of skin problem whether eczema or acne is soooo tough to deal with when you’re a teenager!


Ana November 13, 2011 at 3:05 pm

This post spoke to me on a few accounts.
Thank you.

I love about myself that I think clearly and that I love to help others.


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