raise your hand if you’re a lady blogger!

by gilda rêvasseur on August 23, 2008

give a shout out if you’re a boy blogger! and throw me an airkiss if you’re a tranny blogger.

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are you part of a secret society? are you part of a movement? do you even know if you are?

this is one of those epic “will the real slim shady please stand up? i repeat, will the real slim shady please stand up?” kind of moments.

call me ignorant, but i was just blogging! or so i thought. when i started freebird on april 19th 2007, it was my first blog in english, and my japanese blog was a couple of months old. after a while, i realised that i was a little different from the other fashion bloggers out there. by that, i mean that i have a completely different sense of style and aesthetic.

ok ok, that’s a nice way to put it. sometimes i do get stared at and i’ve received insane glares at some of my outfits before. i don’t dress like that every single day. but i usually do have something quirky on me everyday. i don’t know why i dress the way i do. maybe the fact that i don’t have a mirror in my room plays a part. but that’s how i dress, and that’s how i act. and the nice comments far outweigh the meanies.

when i write how-to articles, i never ever write something that i don’t know about. when i put up my outfit photos and talk about finding your own style, my intention is to share with my readers, that you can find your personal style that works with who you are, and still be comfortable in your own skin!!

just a few days ago, it was brought to my attention that there was a comment/question/article or whatever it’s called, on ask metafilter. personality-based design/arts/fashion blogging – new trend? is there a name for this?

i’m not sure how i should even respond to something like that. while i’m quite honored to be part of this new “movement”, i’m actually more amused than anything else. a lot of blogs i know and read regularly, that were not mentioned in that article, are full of amazing personality. personalities belonging to the fabulous people who write those blogs, whom i’ve gotten to know through my own.

i love getting to know my readers, and while they keep up with my blog, i try to keep up with theirs too. i honestly think it’s amazing how our blogs have brought us all together – people from all over the world who otherwise might not have become friends at all.

my blog is that stamp, that reflection of my everyday life. i don’t put on airs, i don’t pretend to be someone i’m not, i write happy things when i’m happy, and during the odd moments that i get upset with something, i blog that too. i’m keeping it real. i’m happy with who i am. and i’m putting it out there. maybe i should have come up with a “glamorous pen name”, like the rest of these 5 gorgeous girls, instead of just adding the word “queen” to my real name.

and while we’re on that topic, let me clear the air. it started long ago because i’ve always loved crowns. i use to draw them everywhere. then one day a friend of mine who always called herself “princess”, called me her queen, and being the 13 year old that i was, i started writing HRH along with the crowns that i drew. and it stuck ever since.

other than that, i don’t think i’ve tried to market or brand myself in a certain way. have i? and if so, did i ever overdo it? maybe i’m blind to my own actions and i can’t see. but, i don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. as humans in the real world, i think it is important to put a stamp on yourself that says, “hey this is me!”

that metafilter thingy also questioned if we were friends. i’m thinking, yeah we are – not all of us, but many of us know and have met each other in real life. which is great! but, is that the point? i can’t put my finger on it. does it really matter whether we’re friends or not?

what i love about all these blogs is, that we’re all such different people. we’re all doing different things in life, aiming for different goals. the most important thing to me, is that we’re all comfortable with who we are, who we’ve become, and who we want to be. we’re all living our dreams, and obviously having fun doing it.

i’ve never put myself above other blogs, and i don’t pretend to be an amazing blogger. especially since i don’t devote all my time to this blog, and i do have plenty of other things going on in my life to want to do this full-time. plus, i’ve never been much of a writer anyway.

but! what i do think sets us apart from, not above of, other blogs, is the simple reason that we’re all girls with strong opinions, our own sense of style, and an evident love of life.

i need to give this topic a little more thought and will probably add to this in the comments later. but what about you? do you blog? why do you blog? do you brand yourself? do you love life? and what colour undies are you wearing right now? ;D

“ha ha! guess there’s a slim shady in all of us.
fuck it, let’s all stand up!”

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Scribbles August 23, 2008 at 6:16 am

what about you?
What about me huh? LOL
do you blog?
I sure do!
why do you blog?
Gala Darling was my inspiration, but my blog is slightly different… I just spout stuff about my everyday life and hope that it’s A)interesting; and B) helps others learn from my experiences. I’m new to the game and I hope that my blog evolves as I do.
do you brand yourself?
I do, I’m an English Lit student hoping to teach English and drama so I hope that my blog has a slight literary bent… in saying that, that’s not all that I blog about. My life is varied, and so is my blog. I do want to keep it relatively anonymous… although if a few friends read my blog they’d work it out… but I do brand myself under the pseudonym Scribbles.
do you love life?
As with life as in relationships “I love life very much, but sometimes I really don’t like it”. Optimism is a learned trait for me but I like to think I’m always improving :)
and what colour undies are you wearing right now?
Plum coloured ones, which sound very exciting but they are very utilitarian ones :D LOL this is part of the reason that I blog under a pseudonym


Tiara August 23, 2008 at 6:17 am

Hello! Question asker here.

I mainly read Gala’s blog (heard from her from a friend of mine) and when linkhopping I found the rest of you. I thought a few of you might be friends, but wasn’t sure if all of you knew each other or if this was coincidence.

I just thought I’d clarify myself, because I’ve had a few people think I’m being snarky or malicious by asking. I’m not; I’m just curious. I actually quite like the concept and was half-thinking of stealing it ;) hehe

And hey, watch out – you’d be a movement in the making ;)

p.s. it’s interesting that you spent some of your life in Singapore – I’m from JB!


gilda August 23, 2008 at 6:35 am

hahahahahaha you are so funny! plum colored undies! hmmmmm! :) your blog will definitely evolve. mine did! my friends all know about my blog, since the main reason i started it was to keep in touch with them. sometimes it’s a bad thing when i wanna complain about everything though. but most of the time it’s all good and full of love. hee hee! i thought of coming up with a pseudo name but i’ve never had one in my life and i’ve always loved my own name, and couldn’t see myself sitting down for 5 days trying to think of some name that i’ll love as much!

hello tiara, wow i only just posted this and you’ve already found me! you’re fast! i’ve never met marie or star, but they seem to know each other pretty well. and doe deere found my blog sometime about 2 week ago, actually! i met nubby twice when she was in new york and loved her, and went out with gala on numerous occasions. some people say that online friends and “real” friends are different, but to me, a friend is a friend is a friend and it doesn’t matter. i didn’t think you were being snarky (although i had to clarify for that my name is gilda and it’s not a pen name haha!). i just hadn’t given much thought to the entire thing before.

and yeah, i actually know you’re from malaysia. well i didn’t, but my roommate who’s malaysian and originally from kl, told me you were. in this small world called the internet, apparently you had emailed him or commented on some article he wrote before, and when i showed him that metafilter thing, he remembered who you were. how amazing eh?


Daiane August 23, 2008 at 6:42 am

yeah, maybe this blogging thing can be called a trend. i started blogging in october 2007 after some months of reading gala’s icing. it was a real inspiration source. since then, i’ve been blogging daily. it’s simply my life put in words and photos. it is, in a certain way fashion centered because that is one of my main hobbies (i am studying architecture so this design-clothing duo really works for me). i usually put up a post based on what i did on that particular day, what i built, what i wore or what i thought. simple as that. and blogging has brought so many benefits i can’t even begin to tell you. from knowing myself better, seeing how i evolve, dreams becoming and meeting new people. it’s so fun! xo


Scribbles August 23, 2008 at 6:45 am

LOL @ your hmmmm… you asked the question ;) Yeah, it will evolve. And my blog’s not exactly a secret. My family and a few close friends know about it…. they’ve never asked me for the addy though. One day my anonymous blog-ginity will be broken :)


Tiara August 23, 2008 at 6:47 am

HA REALLY. Who’s the guy? lol


Casey-Scott August 23, 2008 at 7:11 am

Eeeeee *raises hand excitedly*

I’m a boy blogger (and, is it just me, or are ‘creative’-type boy bloggers in short supply?)!

When I read about that bizarre article on iCiNG, I really did laugh quite a bit; in that sort of, “that’s soooo weird!” kinda way! People who are similar tend to be friends and stick together, and I’m not sure that’s terribly different whether in application to online friendships. So it seems natural that you bunch would be chummy, in the same respect that people who blog about – oh, I don’t know – computer games or something would get along. But where’s the in-depth expose on computer game bloggers or autocare bloggers or whatever else?

The funny thing that this hits home for me, even though I mightn’t be a perenially popular blogger, is the fact that I’d feel ridiculously conceited describing myself as “arty” or one of those similar labels. To be honest – the way that I dress or act or the fact that I’m a theatre and film major, or any of those other qualities that I have that fall into the “creative” basket, doesn’t come out of me trying to put on an act or buy into a trend or anything. They just come out of my own sensibilities. To me, I don’t feel “weird” or “different”, you know? But you forget that other people probably have this complete other perception of you!

I think it’s that sort of thing that makes that article just seem utterly hilarious to me, particularly because I’ve NEVER thought of you or Nubby or Gala or any other blogger as being ‘weird’ or falling into some niche; mainly because most of the people that I socialise with in real life are similar to you all; in the sense of being of some sort of creative or eccentric persuasion. So it’s weird to think that, to other people, there’s this perception of you all as being in some niche; because I really can’t see things from that point of view!

(And, wow, that was a mammoth comment!)


Tiara August 23, 2008 at 7:13 am

Why does everyone think I wrote an ARTICLE when all I did was ask a honest question -_-;;

Casey-Scott: I never mentioned the girls being weird or that what they’re doing is bad. Not knowing whether they all were friends, I just thought one started it, others got inspired. tis all.


Annie Spandex August 23, 2008 at 7:16 am

Wow, it’s sort of disturbing to think of myself as being a part of a trend that is /that/ defined! Maybe there is something collective happening. I don’t know. I know I didn’t set out with any trend template beyond my wordpress template. I do *try* to be different. There are so many Gala facsimiles out there… I definitely don’t want to get mixed up in that game. But if personality girl blogging is a movement, then I guess I’m on board! Starting my blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I really agree with what you said about meeting people. I feel like my world has expanded! <3


Annie Spandex August 23, 2008 at 7:19 am

Oh haha, I forgot– Black undies. ;D


Ayesha August 23, 2008 at 7:42 am

I started blogging because I’m a cheap ass and I hoped to help other fellow broke ladies look & feel their best. I don’t really consider my blog to fit into a “trend”, or maybe it does, I’m not sure, I just enjoy writing it.

And I totally do love life, and I’m wearing green ombre bikini bottoms =O ahaha,

This was really interesting to read & think about Gilda!


Poochie August 23, 2008 at 7:58 am

Just to add to the conversation –
I started my blog a year ago. Like several others, my name came from a nickname between me and my best friend. I was working for Walt Disney World and for various reasons I was Princess Poochie and she was Teen Pop Poochie. I used the name on the site to add to the fun personality I was hoping to instill in the site and to keep the focus on the content.

I think the Internet/Blogosphere has helped to usher in the most creative time since the Renaissance. It’s give a voice and an outlet to a huge amount of people and we can share this creativity with others around the world – never in human history has such a feat been possible.

There have always been a smaller group of creators vs. those who are the audience. I think that and the fact that there is no male hierarchy (as there has been in many creative fields and the art world) are what has put the spotlight on women with an idea and voice. We’ve always been there, it’s just easier for us to share it.

Oh, and undies – pink with embroidered black rosebuds.

; )



Ashe Mischief August 23, 2008 at 8:10 am

Beautiful beautiful post, Gilda! I always love how honest and informal you are on here, and how you try to get to know your fellow bloggers.

It’s funny, because I started DP with the sole purpose of having some place to post all of my clothes posts that wasn’t my LJ. It had become overrun with “Oh, this is prettyyyy” posts, and I thought it’d be more useful to leave that page for more personal stuff (hahah, not likely, no?).


Valentina August 23, 2008 at 8:17 am

I started blogging because I’m interested in being a journalist and wanted to start writing in any way possible. YES I love life, and I’m wearing blue Little Miss Giggles underwear right now =D

Most of my friends do know about my blog but I don’t think anyone reads it. If other people I know found out about I’d probably be embarrassed plus blogging is apparently considered “weird” in Hamilton. Go figure.


Raiment Urbane August 23, 2008 at 8:41 am

I love this!. I have never loved life more than I do now :D .
Yes, I blog. I do it because it’s fun, exciting and I can share what I like.


Song August 23, 2008 at 10:22 am

I thought that article was weird mainly because I don’t see the definite similarities between all the blogs mentioned – i mean, you are all great creative girls who have really inspirational blogs, but it’s not like you all sat down together and went ‘lets come up with a certain formula and all blog like that’ – everyone is way too individual for that.

I don’t consider myself part of this – it would be vanity if I did, I’ve only been blogging (this time around) for a month. But I do love the twitter conversations and the comments – everyone seems to know each other and I’ve found some absolutely wonderful people through the ‘lady bloggers’.

So obviously you guys are doing something right!!
black undies, pink lace edging.


Lesley Denford August 23, 2008 at 11:28 am

I want to be part of a secret society of lady bloggers!! I’ve gotta say that I definitely look up to you, Gala, Star, and Nubby – your blogs are always fresh, genuine, and incredibly inspiring. Maybe one day I’ll work my way up the ranks and get to have LADY BLOG scrawled across my hands. :D


Julie August 23, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Maybe this is a new trend, who knows?

but what about you?
I’m a systems engineer! Systems Engineers are not supposed to be fashionable, we are supposed to be geeky and nerdy and lonesome. Well, I don’t think so! Just because I like math, computers and typing code to my hearts desire doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look good every chance I get. At least I think so!
do you blog?
Yes, I blog. You read my blog sometimes, I want to do something with it but inspiration doesn’t want to come to me. Anyone knows how lure a muse?
why do you blog?
I’ve tried blogging for several years but my current blog started on November 1st after months of reading Freebird, iCiNG and La Casa Panda.
do you brand yourself?
In my mind I’m an engineer-fashionista-superstar, is that a brand?
do you love life?
Yes, I love my life! I feel that right now I’m on the right path to start making all my dreams come true.
and what colour undies are you wearing right now?
Mmmm let me check… Black, yes black.

What I like about this trend is that all of you are friends, all of you are super different and all of you are extremely real, fresh and cool.

Well, I have to write code and get breakfast.



Melissa-Leigh August 23, 2008 at 3:43 pm

I like what you had to say about this, Gilda! Very apt.

As for me, yeppp I’m a blogger, obviously. haha. I had my first blog over at diaryland when I was in 7th grade. It was basically a hilarious riff on being 13 and how much junior high sucks. That was 8 years ago now, holy cow. Ever since then I’ve always, always had one–I’ve been on xanga, livejournal, blogger, and most recently I started hipsterette at my very own domain.
I blog because I’ve always been a writer! Since I was five or six, not even joking. Once the notebooks all got full and I discovered the internet, blogs were just a new outlet for all that thought!
Hipsterette grew out of both that long history of writing about my life and what I’m up to online and out of being the go-to girl in my group of friends to ask for advice about practical stuff–boy problems, picking a major in college, power struggles with parents, how to thrift shop, whatever. I love being able to pass along some of the stuff I’ve picked up through trial and error to others. My friends have always been so supportive and their faithful reading of my stuff over the years has encouraged me to see where it can take me!
I started reading Nubby’s blog back at the beginning of this year sometime, and that was what introduced me to this “style” that everybody’s buzzing about–personality blogging. It appealed to me, and not because I am “self-important” (I don’t think any of these ladies are!!!!) but because I am creative and fun, love to write and share ideas, and I love to make friends. and why not do that through a blog?! I find it totally fascinating to see what other women who are self-defined and creative are doing in their work, their outfits, their apartments, their lives! It’s great to see what gals in other cities are doing! I dig it, it gives me inspiration for things in my own life. I think above all, it gives me hope that being your own woman in a world full of paris hilton knockoffs and copies is possible and worth the work! I hope my blog does the same for others :)

oh and the panties are definitely hot pink, per usual. hahaha. :) you’re so silly.


Danielle August 23, 2008 at 5:19 pm

I myself am part of a kind of sisterhood of fashion bloggers.

The metafilter thing is interesting to me because once I found you, Nubby, and Gala, I thought that you girls were similar but a slightly different subset of fashion bloggers – and I think the focus on your personalities and focus on self-improvement is what defines it. I have certainly found all of your blogs to be inspirational, who knows maybe one day I will belong to the club of lady bloggers too.


gilda August 23, 2008 at 7:11 pm

NONE of you guys are wearing no undies????? :D

wow, it’s so amazing the number of people who’ve been inspired by her! i on the other hand, found her blog only after i started blogging. i wish i had some architecture background. i LOVE it and it’s a constant inspiration in my designs. and i agree that blogging lets you know yourself better! i used to keep a diary when i was younger, and i hadn’t written anything for long while. blogging was an avenue for me to journal my life, and for me to reflect upon it! so like you, it has helped me grow too!

haha, well i love plum colours and never really found some plum coloured undies before! well sometimes it might be better to keep your blog-ginity, as you put it! keep your blog-ymen intact, and only break it for a special someone. :D

you boy bloggers are in VERY VERY short supply!!! i love mens fashion, for example, and i need more men blogging! i like what you pointed out. but then again, maybe there IS in-depth analysis of those computer dudes, but, as if we’d know about it! haha!

i guess people do see us different. but it really is true that people in the creative field, who do well in the creative field, are able to express themselves better and have a stronger sense of opinions/style/etc. because to be good in the creative arena REQUIRES one to be in touch with one’s emotions and thoughts!!

i wonder if we are really pushing ourselves in a niche group. gala definitely brands herself, i mean, she’s put herself out there on the net for years and changing your real name is the ultimate branding of all! but like you, i don’t see that as a bad thing either. hey if there’s a market for it, then go for it! but i just hope that i, for one, am not excluding anyone!

my roommate shall remain anonymous. :) and i don’t think it really matters whether your question was a question or article or comment or statement. but i think your question came at a good time and allowed us to sort of look at our blogs and see why we are who we are!

+annie spandex+
i guess we’re writing our own rules here and defining who we are!! (and don’t even get me started on wordpress templates because mine is so messed up!) i never realised how many people do actually try to imitate gala. yoohoo gala honey, you must know that, right? you need to set a good example since you’re a rolllllle modelle. :D but yes, the internet has definitely expanded my horizons! i mean, look, i got to meet you! from so far away! kiss kiss!

AHAHAH don’t call yourself a cheap ass, call yourself, erm, money-wise! you’re a whole other trend by yourself honey, and a very good one. i’m a broke ass myself and need help managing my money. aha. as long as you’re enjoying it, you should definitely do it!

you worked in disney!!!! oh man i didn’t know!!! I LOVE DISNEY!! love it so much! i’ve only ever been to the one in tokyo but the 5 times i went there everything bad just melted away and i went back to being a kid. well i don’t know if the internet is the most creative thing since the renaissance! that’s so much to live up to! but it is definitely amazing that we’re learning so much about other people and other artistes all through the web! you’re right about the male hierarchy thing. although i’m puzzled why! where are the men out there? yoooohoooo!

+ashe mischief+
just trying to say it like it is and not put up a front! THAT was your main reason for starting dramatis personae?? whaaaaat? hahahah. well whatever it is you put on it, it still shows the world who you are because it’s what you like!

well blogging will surely help you achieve that gold! any practise is definitely a good thing. as for me, i’ve never been a writer and when i started i felt my vocabulary was still terrible! haha. why is it considered weird where you are??? and hey, no fair, i want a miss giggles underwear too!

+raiment urbane+
that’s soooo great!!! that you’ve never loved life more! wow! bravo to you, girl!

hahaha wouldn’t it be soooo bloody hilarious if some picture surfaced one day with all of us sitting around a round table with our thinking caps, and twiddling our fingers? ;) i hope our twitter conversations aren’t spamming your mailbox. i log on WAY too much. you should jump right in! :D

+lesley denford+
you have to make an oath and drink your own blood!!!!!! but since we had fondue and strawberry champagne together, you don’t have to go through the process. hahaha just kidding. i didn’t even KNOW of this secret society because it was sooo secretive. just write it on your own knuckles :D

i need a muse too. i don’t think of ideas everyday. my blog topics come from whatever i experience that day itself. engineer fashionista superstar! HAHAA! i love that! yes! you’re definitely on the right path – yours!!! i wish i had as much passion about school as you do! unfortunately i hate parsons. well hate is to strong… i dislike it! eep!

+melissa leigh+
what’s diaryland!!! i never did any of this. i grew up at a time when the internet was retarded and when i first got onto it, everything was some pathetic dial-up. you’ve been online 8 years!! that’s so amazing! i’m just a 1.5 year old baby! it’s definitely great to share your own experiences with others. who knows how many people out there share similar opinions like you! www, don’t diss paris. she’s actually really nice! but the people who try to copy her are really ridiculous. i’ve seen someone calling herself a persian paris hilton. it was so pathetic! and you’re right, we’re definitely our own women!!

oooooh!!! sisterhood! we should all buy, erm, a travelling pants! (sorry but that was quite a stupid movie to me!) i’m really happy and honoured that i could have been part of something that might have inspired you in anyway. that really is the greatest praise!!! but oh come on, who am i kidding? YOU are a totally inspiring person yourself! all your fashion illustrations are so amazing, and your flats totally annoy the hell out of me. because they are SO neat! they’re amazing! and i can’t get mine to look like that!


Julie August 23, 2008 at 7:21 pm

I have passion for school now but I was about to quit a year ago. I’m glad I didn’t do it or I wouldn’t have so many things going on in my life right now!

Nothing exciting happens in my life (except for my trips but it’s the first time ever that I’ve traveled so much!) that’s why I want to try and find something to write about. I’m no writer but I’d like to get better at it. Other reason I started blogging was to keep my English sharp, I took English lessons from the time I was 2 until I was 17, then I went tot college and the lessons stopped. I learned to read in English before Spanish and that’s the reason I don’t blog in Spanish.


gilda August 23, 2008 at 7:56 pm

i have actually been having a huge turmoil inside my head too, because i don’t know if i want to continue school with parsons. wat, you have no english lessons in university? that’s so weird!!! so everything is in spanish?


gilda August 23, 2008 at 7:57 pm

oh my gosh. my roommate just showed me this image and i think it’s hilaaaaaaaaarious!!!

arguing is stupid!

so any snarky statements, whether or not they were meant to be mean, should be stopped. because, it really is quite retarded! haha!!!!

ps: for those of you with NO sense of hunour, i’m really not trying to be disrespectful.


Julie August 23, 2008 at 10:21 pm

You should think it through, how long do you have to go until you finish with parsons?

Yes, all my classes are in Spanish, I DO go to a Mexican college remember? Even my Physics professor (who’s Russian) gives his class in Spanish. Our CISCO studying material is all in English but the class is given in Spanish. I can take English as an elective but the English they teach there is really lousy. I might enroll to English lessons again because I want to get some certifications like the IELTS and the CAE and maybe get another teaching degree. As you can guess, I love English!


Scribbles August 23, 2008 at 10:29 pm

@ Gilda… LOL you’re making me laugh, putting a smile on my face in an otherwise overcast winter’s day of working on assignments. I shall keep my eyes peeled for plum panties for you – it may just be a kiwi thing :)


Valentina August 23, 2008 at 10:37 pm

Maybe blogging is considered odd (at least for teens) is because the norm is facebook or myspace.

I’m not exactly sure, maybe it’s seems egotistical?

I don’t know, I’ve been doing “weird” things for years so I’ve been desensitized when someone else brings it up.


Melissa-Leigh August 23, 2008 at 10:37 pm

haha gilda, so sorry about the paris dissing. i guess i just don’t really like what she represents–the idea of excess and irresponsible young female behavior. but i don’t know her, so I’ll scratch that comment and just say i don’t like the vapid, celebrity, buy more stuff, and be the thinnest girl in the room thing :)
haha. and diaryland is the oldest thing ever, its crazy haha. :) i think my blog is still up there…quiddle or something was the username. it’s insane, you used to be able to post ads for your blog on there for like a little bit of money, which i was obsessed with. i thought i was a celebrity when my banner ad hit the site. hilarious.
my dad owned an internet company when i was a kid so i think that’s where it all came from :)


Kelly August 23, 2008 at 11:58 pm

I am a lady, and I am a blogger… so… wowie. Guess that makes me one of the crowd :)


Marie August 24, 2008 at 2:45 am

OH NO that special olympics pic…whomever laughs at that becomes an ASSHOLE automatically FYI!!!



Theremina August 24, 2008 at 8:09 am

Haha here comes the pantyless one… That’s because I’m still in my (red silk) nightie!

Anyway, I do blog, and I do it because it’s fun, helps me to meet wonderful like-minded people, helps me to refine my thoughts on certain subjects and to learn to love myself (the self-portraits / daily outfit pictures are especially helpful: I’m beginning to love parts of me I disliked before, my profile for example). And I don’t think I’m marketing myself, because I don’t have a defined direction for my blog, I’m just writing about whatever strikes my fancy. If I wanted to market myself, I would A. write in English, and not in French and B. stick to the style topics, which have a wider appeal than my science fiction geekness.


Lady Julianne le Fay August 24, 2008 at 3:12 pm

As I said on Doe Deere’s, when I first read it I must admit I did laugh – “Things I Love Tuesday”? – but I’ve been regularly scrawling more detailed in-depth analyses of the fashion/lifestyle blogosphere into my notebooks for some time, and it inspired me to actually want to type some of my ideas up in a presentable format.

I’m gonna start a series of meta posts on my blog soon, I’ve decided, to share my thoughts. Most likely no-one’ll be interested and I’ll get a bit long-winded in places, but it’ll be fun for me!

You know I blog, I blog to get my name out there, and to share stuff I think it interesting, and because there’s stuff I would want to read but nobody’s writing, so I try to fill that gap.

I do actually deliberately try to brand myself, because I intend to be a professional writer and I’m hoping that having my name out there and having a few people following me will be useful when I’ve got books published and want to get people reading them. I do brand myself in a somewhat half-arsed way though – I really should get a better website and post more on my blog, but I need to save up time and money for it.

I do love life, and my undies are this sort of faded plum purple colour!


Harlequin August 25, 2008 at 4:47 am

thanks for the comment! it directed me over here, and i have to say that i really like the way you write your blog. i can understand all of this (as i am sure many bloggers do) and i have to say i blog because i have something to say. plain and simple. whoever wants to hear me out has the opportunity to do so…plus i love to talk and i think most bloggers have an opinion about what they are writing about…

the internet is also an amazing place to build a community, i have found so many great people and ideas through it. i think it is truly amazing.

i also love that you dress uniquely. i try to do that, and i think i have an individual sense of style, but sometimes i hate the looks and comments people give me…


p.s. i’m not wearing any underwear.


San Smith August 25, 2008 at 7:27 am

Eek I tried to comment to this last night but I don’t know if it went through – trying again!

I think its really interesting that people are referring to you guys as a movement! I feel like in a way things like this have been going on for a few years since the more popular days of LiveJournal (Creative, outspoken girls posting on the internet, meeting people of the same interests and forming a bond) I’d imagine if someone wasn’t participating in blogging then, that this whole event of girls like this moving to blogs on their personal websites must be completely fascinating and seem like a new blogging “trend”.

I think what you guys are doing is great and inspiring though – I found your blog through Gala Darling and Nubby Twiglet’s. Whether its a movement or not, keep being yourself and posting fun stuff! ;)

As to why I blog – I find it to be a nice outlet to talk about what I’m interested in at the moment or share my artwork. I also really enjoy the exchange of information between linkminded people – almost like reading my own little newspaper tailored to my interests and written by my favourite authors. Its exciting and fun!


gilda August 26, 2008 at 10:12 pm

yeah, i can’t make up my mind even though i’ve though about this for a long time. i can’t imagine how a russian might sound, speaking spanish. haha! that should be kinda interesting!

anything to make you laugh. :D

really?? i don’t think it’s egotistical at all. when you blog you write, and it means you also get in touch with your inner self. it’s different from playing stupid games like pirates and zombies on facebook (which i always ignore, by the way.) don’t listen to what the “norm” is. write your own rules and walk your own path as long as it’s right for you! :)

oh gosh, i didn’t mean for you to apologise, i was saying it like a joke! :) paris has come by the pat field store a few times and i met her briefly once. she was just a lot nicer than i thought she would be. but yeah, she really does represent a lot of that eh? i thought she was hilarious when she did that video against john mccain though! :)

you and me both, honey! aha!

ok, so it’s mean of me to put that up… but the moment i saw it i burst out laughing and anyone who thinks i’m offensive just has no sense of humour. it doesn’t mean that i go around laughing at the athletes in the paralympics! well…. then i guess this world has two assholes, you and me wheee!

ooh. kinky. ;) you’re definitely right! blogging has helped me connect with who i am too. i used to write journals, but with blogging comes pictures and i’m a very visual person, so keeping photos etc on my blog helped me even more than my diary did!

+lady julianne+
you know, i don’t actually have any idea what meta posts are. haha! but you’ve done a hole analysis?? i think that would be really interesting and yeah, you should definitely write more and get your blog out there if you really wanna become a writer in the future! i think it’s a great platform and stepping stone. and what’s up ith all the plum coloured undies on this blog! i should find myself one too. aha! i have a whole drawer of undies and none are plum!

thank you!!! i’m not sure if i’m writing in a certain way… but i’m glad you like the way i write. :) i’m glad to hear that you have your own sense of style!!! yeah, some people comments and give weird stares sometimes, but who cares. they are probably the ones who are either unadventurous or jealous that they can’t dress up like you do. and oooh, another one without undies! :D

+san smith+
i don’t think we’re some major movement either. i’ve never been on livejournal myself… well i have an account there but my only blog “post” is to redirect people here. i guess blogging is new for me since i’ve only done it for over a year, whereas people who were on livejournal from like 7 years back certainly have a huge gathering by now! yes, thank you! movement or not, i just wanna have fun! almost like reading your own newspaper… i like that. :)


Lady Julianne le Fay August 27, 2008 at 10:24 am

meta stuff is stuff about the stuff. Okay that made no sense. A meta post on a blog would be a post about the blog, or blogging in general.

and yes, plum coloured undies are the future! That’s like the actual secret of blogging, plum coloured undies!


Julie August 27, 2008 at 3:47 pm

XDDD My professor has a really thick accent and he stops to think a lot during class. There’s a German professor in my faculty but he speaks Spanish with very little accent.

At first it was hilarious but after 1 year and half of tasking classes with him, it’s really normal.


Sarah August 28, 2008 at 4:53 am

I’ve blogged for years – since 2005, and it’s probably been the biggest constant in my life since that time. I’ve been told its very personal – but I kind of rant at the best of times and I only think it reflects that.

Lately, reading other people’s blogs (yours, Gilda and Gala Darling’s especially) has kind of filled me with a new lease of life – I love the idea of doing regular features and have horribly ripped this off…. so. Yeah.

I’m pro lady-blogger. Interesting people are good people.


miss morgan August 28, 2008 at 3:22 pm

hey gilda, short-time reader/first-time commenter! as we’ve all said, agreed that (movement or not) us lady/occasional boy bloggers are fabulous! anyway, keep up the good work girls (and boy!).


gilda August 29, 2008 at 2:34 am

+lady julianne+
wouldn’t it be so funny if we all actually did wear plum colored undies? :D that’s such a great color, i don’t know why i haven’t ever seen one! i have two in dark purple… i guess that’s close enough. ;)

wow, germans and russians speaking spanish. that’s something i actually want to hear. i’m gonna learn frnech this term! foreign languages ahoy!

i rant a lot too :) i think it’s good though. at least it gives you an avenue for it! what kind of regular features have you, erm, ripped off? haha!

+miss morgan+
yahooo! yeah, movement or not, i’m really glad to have gotten to know so may amazing people. all through my blog, no less! hurray for the bloggers of the world.


Leanne September 5, 2008 at 11:14 am

my blog is like my diary. it’s a space for me to rant, rave, type in a frenzy of emotion, contemplate, reflect, appreciate, celebrate and mourn.


gilda September 7, 2008 at 4:13 am

type in a frenzy of emotion!!! me toooooo. i love that you have so many ways to describe your blog in so few words. i wish i had more vocabulary. haha!


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Moly June 15, 2014 at 11:59 am

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Sadaf June 16, 2014 at 11:37 am

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