LVMH on governors island

by gilda rêvasseur on July 10, 2010

a little while ago, the finale to the LVMH x parsons project: the art of craftsmanship revisited, was held on governors island. such a long period of time had gone by since the fashion show that was held at milk studios during new york fashion week. so towards the end of may, without anything much happening in between except for a little studio interview for the LVMH documentary.

by the way, if that video EVER goes public, i want you all to know that i was desperately sick at that time (it was right after my thesis when i was deadly sick for 3 weeks), and did the best i could to control my coughs. my face was super puffy and bloated and my eyes were half-closed and i sounded like a frog.

it was awful.

it was such a super-fuckin-duper hot day!!!

oh my god, the worst type of day ever. i could not stop perspiring and i just was not a happy camper. all these important lvmh dudes from france were there and i don’t know how they managed to look cool in their suits. i bet they had a secret airconditioning device under those armpits. that must be one of the perks of being rich – you don’t have to suffer with the poor. if not, seriously, what’s the point? well, that, and the money in the bank, obviously.

way back when the competition first started, we were told that the final event would be an exhibition at a big gallery in the city, and that we would have our documentaries shown in some indies theatre downtown, or at least in the school auditorium.

so when the news came about that the videos we shot would not ever be shown, we were like, hmmm. then we heard that there would only be 1 single private screening of the documentary that lvmh recorded, we were like, huh? and then we found out that the exhibition would be held at governors island, we were like, where’s that?

i mean, seriously. where’s that?


the answer to that question, is nothing.

admittedly, for this day when the sun was determined to cook us, there was actually some effort put in to make this relatively press-worthy. meaning, i think this was only done so that some press would come and the lvmh big-shots wouldn’t be annoyed. there were nice white tables and benches around the space, complete with hor d’oeuvres and champagne. some of my friends enjoyed the cheese, but i couldn’t understand how they were eating it. i basically hung around the drink table and asked for ice water nonstop.

our garments were shown in the little houses around, with works from the artisans we worked with, as well as displays from some of the lvmh brands. it was the first time i’d seen most of these garments up close, and in the end, my friends and i were saying that we were really glad that our garments were WELL made.

i mean, they were sewn properly with proper techniques. unfortunately, some of the other garments were not. i mean, i saw glue, i saw suspicious sticky tapes holding up some things… it was downright weird. our garments told a proper story and it wasn’t just made for the sake of creating a statement.

on the right is my friends' phume, hee and sonica's design.

this was some amazing piece of work from one of the artisans.

this artist sat without a fan or airconditioner, sewing fendi baguettes!! i was in AWE, but i felt so sorry for him!! i could hardly breathe!

our artisan, the amazing les metalliers champenois, put on display their sample cast of the lips of lady liberty!! haha!

and this, if you might remember, is our garment.

this sounds so arrogant, but i still think we did a great job.

gathering around for the big announcement.

this was the winning garment.

antoine being his crazy french self.

the moment it got dark, i HAD to get away because the bugs were all out and i felt stickier than pudding.

myself, antoine, elahe, phume, hee and sonica.

the exhibition was up on governors island for a couple of weeks. i wonder if anyone even goes there on a regular day. i mean, in total, we probably had more squirrels looking at the results of our months of hard work, than people.

and if you’ve even read all this and wondered why i’m being so sarcastic and particularly bitchy, here’s the reason.

we were given a $500 budget to spend on this entire project. which isn’t much at all, considering the amount of things we had to do and the fact that each trip out to new jersey to visit our artisans cost $12 each way.

after all the lousy organization which i believe is in no way lvmh’s fault (because each time we had to converse directly with them, it was easy and smooth-sailing), i asked around and emailed many times as to how i can submit my receipts to get my money back. finally, i hear that i’m “too late” and that there was already a meeting for teams that did submit their receipts. i went through all the emails that they had sent out and nothing was ever mentioned about submission of receipts.

so yes. ladies and gentlemen, a month after i’ve graduated at parsons, they still find a way to piss me off and remind me of how much i hate that motherfucking piece of shit school. ass. hole.

i am NOT happy.

extra! extra! read all about it!
LVMH x parsons : the art of craftsmanship revisited

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Michelle July 11, 2010 at 2:58 pm

Man, that sucks. I’m glad you’re feeling better now, at least? Totally understandable to be pissed off.

I also think your garment looks the best by far – I would *totally* wear that! (Although that might be a bad thing, depending on who you ask, haha.) There were a few other nice ones (from the looks of the photos, it’s hard to judge a 3d work based on photos), but y’all’s is head and shoulders above the rest.
♥ Michelle´s last [type] ..Links a la Mode


queengilda July 14, 2010 at 2:43 am

lol, i think i made my point. haha! well thank you so much. i am looking forward to getting it back from them and WEARING it so at least like, i get something out of this!


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