saturday’s new york shopping tour & its unexpected compliments

6 September 2009

in a big effort to blog more and succumb to the wishes of my readers (heh heh. go vote if you haven’t already!), i thought i’d share how i spent my saturday. 3 of my friends and i took a walking/shopping tour of downtown new york. it was really quite amazing and we promised to [...]

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weekend lover: 09aug09

9 August 2009
patricia field photoshoot

today, august 9th, is singapore‘s birthday. it’s a little weird, but “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and “home sweet home” really does make some sense, no matter how silly that sounds. i’ve been away from home for 6 years now. just counting those number of years kind of shocked me. i do miss home, [...]

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yays and nays 23nov08

23 November 2008
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yoohooo!! remember me? how have you guys been doing? my life was turned upside down about a month ago, and while i was sick, i lagged behind in so much school work and everything piled up like crazy, i had to get my priorities right and keep away from blogging for a little while. although [...]

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6 October 2008
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a little while ago, (actually, so long ago. haha!) we did a children’s collection for one of our school projects. i’d never designed children’s clothes before so it was tough! you need to find the right fabrics that aren’t gonna be poke-y, the right sewing methods that aren’t going to interfere with their movements, i [...]

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in the spotlight: “exhale” by yoko furusho

4 August 2008

“headfone dreamy” by yoko furusho on thursday, my roommate mark and i went to see my friend, yoko’s solo exhibition. i got to know yoko perhaps a year ago, through my japanese blog. she is a friend of a friend’s, and i had clicked on her profile, after seeing her super cute, hand-drawn avatar. her [...]

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some clowns knit

1 July 2008

right at the start of the spring semester (2008) at parsons’ fashion program, we were thrown into the wonderful world of knits. i love knits. we all definitely wear at least one knit a day. unless you’re the raunchy sort who goes around with leather knickers. (and if that is the case, more details please!) [...]

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