takoyaki and curry party at koki’s!!

25 July 2010

on saturday, july 17th, i went over to my friend’s loft in brooklyn late at night after spending the entire day with the very lovely fashion hayley from australia! yayyy! it was so hot on saturday, both hayley and i had to take rest stops every couple of hours. we went from williamsburg to the [...]

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my housewarming party!

21 July 2010
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it was gay pride day a few weeks ago on june 27th. totally forgetting that it was gonna clog up the entire west village, i invited some friends over for a housewarming party/dinner/drink. there were 8 of us and i had no idea what to cook. there was plenty of thinking to do and plenty [...]

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saturday’s new york shopping tour & its unexpected compliments

6 September 2009

in a big effort to blog more and succumb to the wishes of my readers (heh heh. go vote if you haven’t already!), i thought i’d share how i spent my saturday. 3 of my friends and i took a walking/shopping tour of downtown new york. it was really quite amazing and we promised to [...]

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ah-ha-ha-ha stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

25 March 2008

stayin’ alai—-hi–ay—-ay-aive hello, give me some credit please, i was trying to type out the words in the same way those beegees sang it. contrary to belief, i haven’t died yet. no, i’ve just been busy as a bee. in fact, busier than a bee, and just about as busy as a queen ant. in [...]

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