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a designer’s resolution: do it your way

9 May 2009
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you know, i’ve never done things the way i “should”. the way society tells me to, the way my friends do, the way it’s expected. i act differently, dress differently, design differently… unfortunately, because of that, i’ve met with obstacles along the way. my parents were one of my biggest obstacles, because they couldn’t understand [...]

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learning how to say no and stand up for yourself

28 August 2008

photo by prfection “hello i need some advice. i’m writing to you because you seem to have strong opinions about things and stuff. i’m having trouble because my friends always come to me when they need help. i want to help them, but sometimes i feel like they are taking advantage of me and they [...]

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how to enjoy the olympics

10 August 2008

photo by regin@ the summer olympics in beijing has started! how many of you are glued to your tv? the olympics is supposed to be a time for us to forget about all this political nonsense that is going on around the world. but…. can we really? so much has happened in the recent months [...]

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how to be a little social butterfly

10 June 2008

i love attending parties, as i’m sure many of you do. everyone loves to have a good time. while you can make everyday a little fun party, just like i do (after all, what’s the point of living if you aren’t enjoying every moment?), it’s great to have a real big party once in a [...]

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choosing a great coat for fall 2007

21 November 2007

coming from a tropical country where the four seasons are inexistent, all i had to contend with was summer and the monsoon season where it gets only slightly cooler. my favorite holidays have always been those when we went to countries with cold weather, and after living in japan i realize i really loved the [...]

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8 good reasons to get yourself a new ‘do

17 August 2007

it’s been a while already, but i love this not-that-new-anymore haircut of mine. i can’t believe i cut it so short on a whim. my conversation with the stylist went like this: him: “so what can i do for you today?” me: “i wanna get my pink color re-done, and trim my hair. it’s getting [...]

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