i’ve died and gone to parsons hell

17 February 2009
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and there’s no wifi down in this shithole so i haven’t been able to blog. well at least i’m trying to come up with an original (albeit lame) excuse! quite a number of you have emailed me and i’m so thankful that you still remember who i am in this whirlwind of 72937904 new fashion [...]

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questions about japan 15jul08

15 July 2008

i’ve been receiving quite a lot of emails recently, asking me about japan and especially tokyo. so i’ve decided to start replying them on my blog instead! if you have any questions, send them my way! or you can also leave it as a comment here. also don’t forget to check out my insider’s guide [...]

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the spirit of the samurai

22 June 2008

our last assignment of our fall 2007 semester at the parson‘s fashion department, was based on historical icons. some of my classmates chose to base their collections on twiggy, or alfred hitchcock etc. i, on the other hand, had just finished re-watching on dvd, bushi no ichibun, which translates into “one part of the warriors”. [...]

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life is beautiful

6 April 2008

i spent the whole day sleeping today. but ah well, i’ve really been working really hard. we just ended our group project in school. we’ve been working on it for more than a month, with all of us doing 2 rounds of design croquis. we had 4 people in each group with 4 groups in [...]

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gilda’s guide to tokyo

5 August 2007

how do you explore a city as wonderful as tokyo!?! tokyo is like new york. it’s a city that never sleeps, and no matter where you are and what kind of budget you’re on, there’s always something to do. how to use this guide this is a rough guide put together by yours truly, because [...]

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reasons why

30 June 2007

i received some emails after my post about smap. some were really encouraging (arigatou!), and some had questions. questions about whether it was even “healthy” that i am so in love with smap at this age. if it makes me happy then why not? i don’t have a problem with it and i don’t care [...]

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