LVMH on governors island

10 July 2010
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a little while ago, the finale to the LVMH x parsons project: the art of craftsmanship revisited, was held on governors island. such a long period of time had gone by since the fashion show that was held at milk studios during new york fashion week. so towards the end of may, without anything much [...]

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mercedes-benz fashion week s/s 2010: rollercoaster weekend

15 September 2009
the tents

although new york is in a frenzy with fashion week and the recent vma, some people (=me), are full-time students with homework and a senior design thesis to work on. so while the invites kept coming into my mailbox, i kept sighing and filtered them away because the more i looked at them, the more [...]

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don’t mess with me

13 April 2008

so i was supposed to register for next semester’s classes on friday at 8 am. i’ve been having such a busy week, i’ve hardly slept at all. well, to be brutally honest, most of it was just due to my utter lack of time management. i was supposed to do things over the weekend that [...]

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ready to kill my flatmate

16 January 2008

i got back in new york yesterday morning, and was so tired, i slept all day. like seriously, ALL DAY. like from 2pm to about 9 am this morning. i woke up once in between just to go to the toilet, but i went straight back to bed each time. not being able to sleep [...]

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4 days of hell

11 December 2007

some of you already know what happened, but here’s a quick rundown of the nightmare i had experienced the past 4 days. all was well and i was living life as usual, but early saturday morning at about 2 am new york time, i got a few calls from my parents and a friend, saying [...]

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4 June 2007

just when i thought my skin was behaving well, two pimples er, “grew” overnight. one day i was miss smoothie, the next day i could feel them in my skin, those huge asshole pimple types. then when i woke up this morning, the white “head” part was all out!! (sorry am i grossing anyone out [...]

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