one thing i hate about japan

16 May 2007

i’m here in sunny singapore. actually, what i meant was, really-hot, i-need-to-dunk-my-head-in-a-bucket-of-ice-water, sunny singapore. it’s really hot. so it’s been about 4 days now, since i’ve been back here. everything has happened so fast and i’ve been so busy and tired. i nearly went crazy on saturday, the day before i left japan. i had [...]

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1 May 2007

no, i’m not trying to be funny. i just can’t stop burping. i’ve never been a burper. (by the way, is there such a word?) i never did used to burp. i could drink a whole bottle of coke and not burp. it’ll be quite something if i burped more than say, 3 times a [...]

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where are you, god?

23 April 2007

that’s a question that i haven’t asked in a long time. i do sigh and think about things sometimes, and in the quiet of my room, i occasionally have conversations with god. but it’s been long time since i actually wondered, “where are you, god?” i mean, i’ve believed since forever. i was brought up [...]

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