celebrating the holidays back home

28 December 2009
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hi everyone!! i’m a couple of days late, but merry christmas! how did all of you spend your christmas? was it white? did you eat a lot? did you exchange presents? did you kiss under a mistletoe? (do people still do that, or does it only happen in harry potter movies??) i flew back home [...]

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dances of vice 1920s flapper

9 July 2008

oh gosh. what a crazy weekend! where do i even start?!?!?! i have all these pictures i want to upload, it’s gonna be a mighty long-ass post if i squeeze it all together!! like a MAJOR photo fest. so i’m gonna try and do separate the posts out. hope you’re ready for it!! july 5th, [...]

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24 June 2008

i am from singapore. 100% singaporean. and (surprisingly?) rather proud to be so. since moving to new york less than a year ago, i’ve had 3 people tell me they’ve never heard of singapore. i bet they’ve never watched or read the news. we’re a small country in south-east asia at the tip of peninsula [...]

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one thing i hate about japan

16 May 2007

i’m here in sunny singapore. actually, what i meant was, really-hot, i-need-to-dunk-my-head-in-a-bucket-of-ice-water, sunny singapore. it’s really hot. so it’s been about 4 days now, since i’ve been back here. everything has happened so fast and i’ve been so busy and tired. i nearly went crazy on saturday, the day before i left japan. i had [...]

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