i wish i could…

23 September 2007

dance. i spent all day at home today. i woke up early to do a whole lot of stuff all scribbled on my to-do list, but it was raining and everything had to be shelved. so i stayed home and did my homework, and watched tv. and for the first time in my life, i [...]

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reasons why

30 June 2007

i received some emails after my post about smap. some were really encouraging (arigatou!), and some had questions. questions about whether it was even “healthy” that i am so in love with smap at this age. if it makes me happy then why not? i don’t have a problem with it and i don’t care [...]

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i miss you

27 June 2007

会いたいよ... 本当にみんなと会いたいよ!! i’m dying, i really am. everywhere i go, i get reminded of my times in tokyo. i miss my friends, i do. i’ve been emailing them, exchanging photos, sending small video clips… it’s killing me, and everyday i regret making the decision to leave. it might have been the right choice, given my [...]

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where are you, god?

23 April 2007

that’s a question that i haven’t asked in a long time. i do sigh and think about things sometimes, and in the quiet of my room, i occasionally have conversations with god. but it’s been long time since i actually wondered, “where are you, god?” i mean, i’ve believed since forever. i was brought up [...]

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