today’s get-up 29oct09

30 October 2009
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you know, when h&m and comme des garcons announced their collaboration quite a little while ago, i think i did a war victory dance. not because i’m a huge fan of h&m – i do buy some cheap basics from h&m from time to time – but because i am a die-hard comme des garcons [...]

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independent fashion bloggers dress-up soirée

20 September 2009

on monday night, i attended the independent fashion bloggers’ dress up soirée held downtown, in conjunction with mercedes-benz fashion week. i had gone to the first dress-up soirée that was held earlier this year and had tons of fun, so i knew that even though i could not attend many shows because of my school [...]

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mercedes-benz fashion week s/s 2010: rollercoaster weekend

15 September 2009
the tents

although new york is in a frenzy with fashion week and the recent vma, some people (=me), are full-time students with homework and a senior design thesis to work on. so while the invites kept coming into my mailbox, i kept sighing and filtered them away because the more i looked at them, the more [...]

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mercedes-benz fashion week s/s 2010: today’s get-up 11sep09

13 September 2009

it was an awful friday. first of all it was september 11th. then there was the torrential rain. add seriously strong blasts of wind to the equation and you’re left with one disgusting island called manhattan, where the streets are packed, sirens are going off, the cars aren’t moving an inch and every bad-tempered driver [...]

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saturday’s new york shopping tour & its unexpected compliments

6 September 2009

in a big effort to blog more and succumb to the wishes of my readers (heh heh. go vote if you haven’t already!), i thought i’d share how i spent my saturday. 3 of my friends and i took a walking/shopping tour of downtown new york. it was really quite amazing and we promised to [...]

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the house of field at latex ball 2009

18 August 2009
house of field

on saturday, i went along with the house of field to the latex ball. i was quite looking forward to this, especially because i’d missed out on “the greatest ball on earth” last year and really wanted to go ever since i saw how much everyone dressed up for it last summer. and girrrl, you [...]

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