weekend lover

saturday’s new york shopping tour & its unexpected compliments

6 September 2009

in a big effort to blog more and succumb to the wishes of my readers (heh heh. go vote if you haven’t already!), i thought i’d share how i spent my saturday. 3 of my friends and i took a walking/shopping tour of downtown new york. it was really quite amazing and we promised to [...]

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weekend lover: 09aug09

9 August 2009
patricia field photoshoot

today, august 9th, is singapore‘s birthday. it’s a little weird, but “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and “home sweet home” really does make some sense, no matter how silly that sounds. i’ve been away from home for 6 years now. just counting those number of years kind of shocked me. i do miss home, [...]

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20 April 2008

i just celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday, the 19th of april. it was also freebird‘s 1-year old birthday. whoopee! i started freebird a year ago when i turned 24, just to blog about my boring life which is really quite drama-filled sometimes. it was an avenue for me to put my thoughts into words, to [...]

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life is beautiful

6 April 2008

i spent the whole day sleeping today. but ah well, i’ve really been working really hard. we just ended our group project in school. we’ve been working on it for more than a month, with all of us doing 2 rounds of design croquis. we had 4 people in each group with 4 groups in [...]

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