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yoohoo!! my name is gilda. i am a 25 year old, borne and bred in sunny singapore. i moved to tokyo when i was 20 for 3.5 years. and now, i’m livin’ it up in new york, new york! (wanna read more about me? like, much more?) singapore will always be home, but tokyo is a very close second. the friendships that i’ve made there will be life-long loves. new york has been inspiring so far but very very hard. but i do believe that if you can succeed here, you can succeed anywhere else!

i graduated from the bunka fashion college in tokyo, and am currently attending parsons the new school for design. i have a very strong point of view, and my fashion gods include rei kawakubo, junya watanabe and tao of comme des garcons, jun takahashi of undercover, john galliano, and karl lagerfeld.

i am a full-time joy-seeker. i love to make jokes and i love to laugh. i devour everything that is style and fashion related. i have toured almost all of japan. i speak english, some mandarin, and fluent japanese. i love japanese variety game shows – they make me laugh till my tummy hurts. i change my hair color and style the moment i get bored with it. i will never get a tattoo. i love to travel. i love smap – they are my “medicine box”. i try to sew a lot of my own clothes and should really sew more. people who are permanently negative start to annoy me after a while. i believe in following my dreams and reaching for the stars. i am living my dream.

a few years ago, many people told me that i was trying to do the impossible. but i did it and i showed them. i’ve come very far and i owe everything to the support of my family and friends who believed in me. i have goals in life. for now, i want to just get done with school. but after graduating, i hope to work for about a year in new york, then possibly go to paris for another year. in 5 years, i hope to have established my own brand and work my way towards having my own little shop.

so… that’s me!! in short. haha. well, not that short. if you are actually interested, you can read a more detailed story of my life!

if you know me and want to leave me a testimonial, please send it over!

and if you’d like to write to me to say hello, or if you have a question for me, you’re welcome to do so too!

also, you can totally stalk me (not literally please), on twitter, facebook, flickr, iqons, myspace. and if you are japanese… ミクシィ(mixi.jp)をやってるのならば、あたしを検索して、マイミクに追加してね♪♬ please just understand that unless i know your real name on facebook etc, i might not add you because i don’t want crazy psychos sending me 20 messages a day. so when adding, please include a quick note that you read my blog, and sign off with your online nick name if you have one!! thanks!!

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Anita H. September 6, 2010 at 10:44 am

Just reading your story is so incredibly inspirational to me! Growing up I was always dressing up my barbies and drawing clothes- all I wanted to be was a fashion designer. Of course, my mom being very strict and very traditional Korean would not allow it and would not let me even try to apply to fashion school. I’m hoping that after college and serving in the Air Force, I may be able to fulfill my true dream somehow. Keep doing what you’re doing girl! You’re so talented :)


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