how a trunk show could save a designer’s sanity

by gilda rêvasseur on April 11, 2011

as the days turn into nights and my big deadline draws scarily close, i’m getting so stressed and have the worst panic attacks at times. after dropping off a pair of my sequined harem pants at the patricia field boutique on friday (i sell my sequined harems there), i went with one of my good friends and a buyer at the pat field boutique to coffee and a light dinner as we talked about our dreams.

the lack of time, the things we want to do, the lack of resources, our plans and our future…… at the end, it all boiled down to money.

can money please fall from the sky?


i’d like to think that we can do anything if we just had dreams. but really? i mean, really?

in fact, today i spent a few hours doing my expenses sheet, noting down things i still need to do, and figuring out how much that is gonna cost. holy cow. there’s no way this is going to happen. it’s so difficult and i feel like an elephant is sitting on me and causing all this stress. i caught a glimpse of myself holding my head while looking at my spreadsheet… and took a picture of myself that i think i will put up on my wall.

just to remind myself that in many ways, money does make the world go round, and that if i want to really achieve my dreams, i need to save one cent at a time and put any profit i make to good use.

never mind that i’m like 2 months behind schedule after my winter bout of pneumonia, with my show next month, my dog back in singapore is currently in poor health (she’s 17), and my lease is up in may. which means that within the next month, i need to finish my collection, finish all my photoshoots and lookbooks, pack up my entire apartment, ship it, go back to singapore, have a show, try to get orders, try not to go bankrupt, and keep my sanity at the same time.


yeah. exactly.

i think the problem is that i’m trying to do as much as i can myself, because i simply cannot afford to employ anyone. i am getting some help with my samples, but it’s really minimal and that’s pretty much all i’m getting help with. everything else i’m basically doing myself. because who the heck can afford to hire help? not me.

i know people who are from wealthy families who have all the resources to just sign their names off on that dotted line and get things done, easy like that. and as fortunate as i’ve been, there are still a lot of limitations to what i can do. and i’m not gonna lie – while i don’t get insanely mad about it, there are times i sigh and get a bit jealous.

is a trunk show what i need?

so my “grand” plan is to have a trunk show and try to have some pre-sales. have you heard about trunk shows? there are a lot of ways to do this… i don’t know how i should do it or how it needs to be done, but i believe it’s what i need to do.

most times, labels get buyers, produce ahead, then get paid after they deliver the goods to the stores. if they’re lucky they get paid within a month. if they’re unlucky, they don’t get their check till 3 months later. how can one sustain? i honestly don’t have the funds to spend like, $50,000 to produce a collection and deliver it to stores, then wait another few months for that money to come back in.

a trunk show, however, is a different story. it’s that special little event where a designer gets to meet his or her actual customers, have some face-to-face time with the people who will ultimately be buying their designs, and introduce their garments to anyone who will listen. at some trunk shows, designers have some inventory on hand to sell on the spot. and at times they do pre-sales, taking a deposit, which adds up to a sum that any one would be grateful for. this means that the designer has some capital to pay for production, in order to get those garments made, so that they can be sent to the client who then pays in full for it.

isn’t that just the most wonderful thing that could happen to a poor designer?

trunk shows also provide amazing information for a designer. they see how their target audience reacts to the line, hear first-hand what they like and dislike, etc. and if a particular item bombs at a trunk show, the designer can consider taking it out of the collection before they spend thousands getting it produced in big numbers.

it can only get better. right?

at least, that’s what i’m hoping for. i remember this time last year when i was so stressed about my thesis collection, i thought i might die from the pressure. and then in a moment, it was over and i felt like i could breathe again. i think because this is the first time i’m attempting something like this on such a large scale, i’m worried and scared that it might fail. i guess i’m getting a bit ahead of myself and thinking of too many “what if”s.

how in the world do designers do it?


today’s get-up 02apr11 : print-on-prints

by gilda rêvasseur on April 3, 2011


how long has it been since i’ve done an outfit post?

for the past couple of years i’ve been feeling like a frumpy, bloated, blimp of old housewife. yes, a direct result of sitting on my bum 24 hours a day and working through the nights while at parsons, and eating snacks at 4am to try to keep myself awake so i can get some work done.

not an ideal diet, to say the least. i’ve heard all my life about the american fast food diet, and it seems i caught that plague upon moving to new york. i’ve never eaten so much snacks and instant food, nor ordered so much delivery in my life. so taking pictures of myself was just the farthest thought from my mind, because i felt ugly ,and when i did take photos i hated how i looked.

last night, however, i was out at dinner, and decided to get a couple of shots since i had my camera out with me. apparently, i didn’t get the memo that one shouldn’t pile too much prints on top of one another. i realized later when i got home, that everything i wore had some kind of pattern on it. a bit too much perhaps?

i’m obsessed with prints though. especially gingham, stripes and polka dots. i have so much polka dots in my closet, you’d be shocked. what do you think? do you like prints? do you wear prints?

well i’ll be honest; i need to do some market research here because i’m noticing people buy more of the “plain” stuff in my collection than the prints. even while publications like WWD and all those trend reports are saying that prints are hot right now. hmmm…. do people just not like prints as much as i do? or is it that they don’t know how to wear them?

i do wonder.


+ vintage comme des garcons cotton gingham jacket
+ number (n)ine vest
+ silk-screened tshirt by junks japan (seriously the best quality of print i’ve ever seen)
+ ne-net jodhpurs
+ RÊVASSEUR wedges

oh. and here’s additional evidence that i am not a style blogger: i don’t own a tripod. meh!!


i took the tumblr plunge

by gilda rêvasseur on March 24, 2011


after much persuasion from a whole lot of people, i relented and got into tumblr.

it will be used mainly as a platform for me to upload pictures, videos, quotes etc that inspire me on a daily basis, which in turn inspires my collection. i named it “house of daydreams“, which is the actual name of my parent company.

follow me!


Love and Peace 頑張れ日本! Pray for Japan

by gilda rêvasseur on March 20, 2011

many of you may know that i lived in japan for 4 years, but my love affair with japan started at least 10 years ago, and besides the time i lived there, i’ve been there on holiday at least 10 times. i received so much from japan and my japanese friends. love, laughter, warmth, and a lot of happiness. 

so i can’t tell you how heartbroken i was with the news of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear problems.

being so far away, all i can do is to donate some money and pray.

i heard this song many times when i went for SMAP’s concert, with a big smile on my face. but hearing it again now in this context, it feels different. my heart is bursting. and i cried. but after i watched this video once, i watched it again with a smile mixed in with the tears.

the people of japan have really inspired me with their bravery. and the rest of us around the world are surely touched by how they have banded together during these harsh times. even with all that is happening to them right now, it’s amazing to see them joining hands and helping each other out; we would not have seen such calmness, nor the attitude of helping your neighbour, in any other country.

i want to learn from that japanese spirit. ganbare japan! fight on. it’s hard for me to put what i feel into words, but i hope my feelings come across. i send you my heart. love you guys♥








i am not actually dead.

11 January 2011
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hello hello hello and a happy new year! i am not actually dead. i have been working my ass off, designing, styling, and working as the editor of RightyRightyRight magazine. but, the magazine and styling work will be taking a back seat – i am working hard to get my collection off my studio floors, and [...]

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debuting at debut nyc!

29 September 2010
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a group of 10 designers from parsons were selected to show their collections at debut nyc, a store in downtown new york. i was one of the lucky ones, and there was a little party to say hi and meet everyone! our garments were on display in the store for a little over a week. [...]

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