Random Sex On The Beach

1kkiI’m a twenty five year old female.I never thought I would do anything like this, but I had sex with a complete stranger on the beach. We didn’t even exchange names, and I wasn’t quite sure what he looked like. It is unsual for me, but i simply had to meet for sex with him.

It was New Years Eve, but I’d rather leave the exact details of when and where out of my story. I don’t want to use names either, for obvious reasons. I was walking near the beach with a group of five of my friends. There were two couples, and I was tagging along with them, since I wasn’t dating anyone at the time. When I think back, I’m glad that I wasn’t seeing anyone, because this story makes a fun memory, and something that I like to think about when I’m masaturbating.

We were walking along, and there was a group of people near the edge of the sand, where the walkway started that went along the side of the shore area. My friends and I walked by, and one of the guys called out to us and asked if there were any single ladies in our group. I kept my mouth shut, of course, because I didn’t want to attract attention from a group of strange guys. One of my friends replied and told them that I was single though. Well, the guy who had yelled out was not asking for himself, but for his friend, who came over to talk to me.

“Oh great, another guy looking for a relationship,” I thought to myself. I was surprised though, because he came over and asked if I wanted to go and do it on the beach. My friends were drunk, and so was I, so I said yes. My friends didn’t try to stop me, and they told me to go for it. They went and sat on the edge of the beach, on the walkway. They didn’t leave me alone, but I went over a small sand hill with that guy.

We started to kiss right away, without even saying anything to each other. He unzipped his pants and asked me to take his cock out, so I did. Then I sucked his dick for a little while. Then, I pulled my jeans down, and took my panties off for real sex. The sand was really annoying and it was hard to try and keep in out of my pants, if you know what I mean. I ended sitting on his cock, and he kept his pants on, with just his very nicely sized dick out of them. I rode him slowly at first, for a little while, and then he just started to push up into me, making my pussy really wet. He came pretty quickly after he started doing that. I didn’t orgasm, because it was really a quickie. After that, he said “Thanks, that was great,” and put his dick away, then ran back to his friends.

When I told my friends that we actually fucked on the beach, right then and there, they didn’t even believe me. Oh well, I have a great, sexy experience to think about.

Group Sex First Timer

I had the most amazing sexual experience recently, and I really wanted to share it with someone. I don’t want to tell people that I know about it though, and I’m hoping that the word doesn’t get out, because I have a girlfriend, and I really don’t want to lose her.

I’m a twenty year old guy, and I had my first group sex encounter. I won’t lie, but we actually planned to have our little orgy for some time. My friend had met a girl who liked that sort of thing, and she wanted to organize a little gathering with some people from out of town. My friend talked me into it, and I won’t say it was his fault, but I was hesitant to get involved, at first. After all, I had a girlfriend, and I am actually engaged to her now.

Anyway, he gave this girl the okay to go ahead and organize some people to have an orgy. He booked a hotel room and everything. It wasn’t a big room, but we didn’t exactly need to have a lot of space, because we were getting pretty close together anyway.

There ended up being five guys and three girls. I thought that maybe there was going to be more females, or at least an even amount of guys and chicks, but it turned out pretty good anyway. The reason that it turned out so well was that those women really loved to get fucked, and they loved sucking dick.

I won’t tell all the details, because we were there for the whole night, just having fun, and taking turns fucking the three women, and then resting and having drinks and chatting, or even watching other people have sex.

At one point, I want getting my balls sucked by one of the chicks, while I was fucking another of the chicks – the one who organized the orgy – in the ass. That was great! The look the dirty girl was giving me as I put my dick in her ass was amazing. Then my friend came over and put his dick in her mouth and ended up cumming all over her face, so I pulled my dick out and came on her face too.

That wasn’t the last time I came that night though. Each of us must have gone at least five times each, over the six or seven hours that were were there. We were pretty drunk by the end of it, and all we had to do was walk over to one of the women and put our dicks in front of them, and they would grab them, or start to suck them.

It was quite messy, to say the least, but I highly recommend having an orgy if you get the chance, and don’t let having a girlfriend or boyfriend stop you! You might not be given the chance again, and it will something that you’ll always regret missing out on. I know I certainly had a lot of fun.